Humming Bird Computer Software

Equipping businesses with powerful software!

We are Suppliers of high quality and leading packaged business software solutions across the U.A.E. We trade in a variety of business software packages and Internet services from leading vendors for all industries.

We deal in software products like ERP & CRM Systems, Business Accounting & Auditing software’s, Invoicing Systems, Fleet Management Systems, POS Applications, Restaurant Management tools, etc from vendors like Tally, Sage, Intuit, Neem etc.

Our Services:

Business Accounting Software

We trade in a variety of business accounting systems from vendors like Tally and QBM which can keep track of all your business accounts right from the comforts of your workstation. Accounting products range from simple single user business accounts systems to highly powerful packages suited for heavy network use and added features like ERP and business audit functions.

CRM & ERP Systems

We can equip your business with software systems that can run your entire business from a single control point. ERP & CRM systems from Sage can integrate all your internal and external business functions in to a single software system through which you can take control of your functional areas like production, sales, customer management etc with out any hassle.

Retail Business Solutions

We also deal in industry centric precision business software tools suited for specific businesses from vendors like Neem, which can take complete control of your day today business functions. We have business software packages suited for industries like Auto Rental Companies, Restaurants, Spas, Auto Garages, Manufacturing Units etc.

Web Based Business Solutions

We can provide customized web based business solutions suitable for your industry, which can be operated from any point on the globe over Internet. Such web based software solutions can make your business more dynamic, customer oriented and global. Business decisions and analysis can be done easily from any corner of the planet using any compatible Internet ready devices.

So contact us today itself to get our professional guidance in implementing the right software solution suited for your business.

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